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Welcome to the Mornin' Buzz Community!

Welcome to What's The Buzz. 

This is where you will find Mornin' Buzz working in and with your community. We, as owner's of Mornin' Buzz Coffee Company, are real people in your community. We would love meet many of you at these selected events. You can find us serving coffee after the Stewards of the Cootes Watershed clean up (Saturday/Sunday, April to October), at the Dundas Farmer's Market (Thursday's, June to October) and on May 2/3, 2020 at the Toronto Coffee & Tea Expo. 

To help build the Mornin' Buzz community we have selected a few charities that we would like to support. Each of these charities have a strong importance in our lives. These include the Salvation Army, Hamilton Food Share, Hamilton Veterans and Stewards of the Cootes Watershed.