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What's The Buzz Nov 2020


Hello there, folks. I know that you’ve all enjoyed the amazing colours that this fall has brought you. Now, let’s get ready to bundle up for winter and, be prepared to be safe so we can all get through it together.

 This is the month that we reflect on the sacrifices of those men and women who have served Canada bravely. Honour them by proudly displaying a poppy, or by simply donating to a veterans organization near you. The Legion is a great place to start. Your kindness to them does not go unnoticed. To the men and woman currently serving in Canada’s Armed Forces, thank you!

 Mornin’ Buzz local GTHA delivery will continue throughout the winter. We'll  bring the coffee you love safely to your door. Whether it’s a cold November rain or falling snow we’ve got our winter tires on so we can also be safe. We enjoy getting home to a hot cup of coffee too.

 We mentioned in last month’s newsletter a new free shipping deal. Now you can get free delivery anywhere in Ontario if you order $60.00 or more from our online store. For the rest of Canada we offer this same deal when the order is $110.00 or more. It’s a great time to get together with friends and put together an order to save the shipping.

 We hope you’ve enjoyed our first season of Coffee Hang. We aired episodes every Friday night. You can go to our YouTube channel and watch all the episodes at your leisure:

For Season Two we’ve changed things up and will be airing episodes on the last Friday of each month. Enjoy and please, tell us what you think. We love the feedback. As a bonus you’ll also have access to all our Coffee School 101 videos.

 We’d also like to remind you that we are still sending some proceeds of each pound sold to the Unison Benevolent Fund. This non-profit organization assists musicians both financially and with information to mental health access. While many of musicians have benefited from various government programs some did not qualify. Please know that you’re assisting them during these difficult times. For this we humbly thank you.

 Please be safe out there. Wear a mask and follow other safety protocols so that we can all get through this. We, Ed and Frank, can’t wait to get out there and meet you at events, at shows and, share a mug of Mornin’ Buzz with you!

Be well and be safe!