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What's The Buzz - Newsletter - May 2022!

May  2022 - Mornin’ Buzz Newsletter

Time flies MB lovers. We welcome spring, it has finally arrived. We love seeing the little daffodils and tulips up everywhere. 

Please find important information, updates, and reminders for the upcoming month.

GTHA Delivery: Please know that we are working hard to get your BUZZ into your cup as fast as we can. We are currently delivering coffee orders as fast as we can. The price of gas is sky high as you all know, which means we need to raise our delivery fees to $10.00. We are hoping you will be able to get around this with some creative thinking. Here are some ideas we have been thinking about to help: try increasing the timing of your orders rather than ordering once per week, share the order with some friends or neighbors, or increase the amount of product you are ordering at one time, to decrease the frequency of delivery. This price increase will be effective June 1, 2022.

Coffee Price: Our coffee price has gone up $1.00 on each pound of coffee. Everything is costing more these days, from roasting the beans to the price of our bags and boxes. We wanted to remind you that our coffee is organic and fair trade. Also our coffee is sold in full pounds, not three quarters of a pound like most of our competition. We also only roast our coffee in small batches to keep the coffee in each bag fresh. This price increase will be effective June 1, 2022.

MB Coffee Club: You can still sign up for the MB Coffee Club! Simplify your ordering process. Sign up AND save 10% on each order, for a monthly/weekly subscription (whatever your preference). You can set the parameters on each of your orders, allowing your MB to effortlessly flow right to your door. Give it a try and your next order.  

Tell-a-friend: MB offers a referral program where YOU do the talking! Tell your friends about the  Mornin’ Buzz Coffee Co. When they buy coffee and get to the check out, they will be asked “how did they hear about us”. If your friend mentions you by name, you will receive a thank you email with a 15% off code on your next purchase of MB. IF your friend goes one step further and signs up for a subscription into the MB Coffee Club, (and names you) you will be gifted a free bag of MB on your next order. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!!! Get talking and telling your friends about your favorite coffee…Mornin’ Buzz!!! 

Social Media: You can follow us using your favorite social media platform. We are currently using Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. Keep up to date on the MB news, changes, updates and events.  

Feedback: As always, we would love to hear from you. Is there a way we could improve your MB experience, please send us an email at We are always striving to create the best product with the best experience. ALSO-please leave a 

Google Review for the Mornin’ Buzz Coffee Co. Thank you all in advance.

Finally, we would like to acknowledge that the many people around the world are in very trying times and hardship. Please be kind to one another and be thankful for the greatness in your life. 

Stay safe everyone,

Your Mornin’ Buzz Family