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What's The Buzz - Newsletter - December 2021

December 2021 - Newsletter 

Hello loyal Mornin’ Buzz lovers:

First we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas! The snow is upon us, the air is frosty and cooler-starting to feel a lot like Christmas! We like to keep our mugs full of hot MB to warm up the hands and our souls. Remember to keep us in mind when you are thinking of visiting friends or family this Holiday Season, I mean who wouldn’t like a bag of MB as a gift?

Changes: Our MB Hive has been buzzing like never before! We are working harder than ever trying to put together the BEST product for you, while managing our own day to day workload. We have a couple of changes to our business these past few weeks, we would like to tell you about them.  First, we have increased our local delivery fee to $6.00 and you will see this updated on our website. Finally, there is a change made to the purchase amount to engage free shipping in Ontario, to $70.00. These changes were made with lots of thought and careful consideration, and we hope this won’t be too hard to swallow. 

Subscriptions: Please remember you can simplify your ordering process AND save 10% each order, by signing up for a monthly/weekly subscription. Here, you can set the parameters of each order, allowing your MB to effortlessly flow right to your door. So easy right? Give it a try.

Tell a Friend: This holiday season, we are asking our happy MB customers to tell their friends about us! Word of mouth is powerful, especially with all of the advertisements we all see everyday. If your friend signs up for a subscription, you will be rewarded with a free pound of coffee (your choice) on your next order. So please, get chatting!

Deal of the Month: We are offering the 4+1 as our December sale promotion. On our website you will have an option to buy all four of our roasts (Sting-dark, Queen Bea-medium, Lightheaded-light and Buzzkill-decaf) and get one pound of coffee for free, your choice of bean. Sounds like a great gift idea-right?

Social Media: You can find us on social media - Facebook and Instagram. Follow us on our socials to keep up with promotions, company updates, coffee school 101 and more. 

Feedback: We had some recent feedback about local drop off, and we will still be delivering as fast as we possibly can, so we help you get BUZZ into your cup. We are always open to hearing from you. 

Thank you for trusting us with your Mornin’ Buzz! Sending you all Merry Christmas!

The Mornin’ Buzz Family