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What's The Buzz - Jan 2021

A New Year

Welcome, Mornin’ Buzz family, to 2021! We sincerely hope you made the most of the holidays. We took a small break to recharge and we’re now ready to tackle a brand new year.

We want to remind you about a program that never went away but has been somewhat sidelined. With new shutdowns we’d like to direct you again to the option of purchasing coffee for front line health care workers. It’s a product found in our coffee section at our online store. There is no delivery fee for these items and you can roll it all into one order. The workers thank you for these donations.

We’re getting mugs! That’s right. You will soon be able to purchase Mornin’ Buzz mugs to fill with your favourite roast. As soon as they arrive we will have them on the store ready for sale. Keep an eye out on Instagram and Facebook for immediate updates.

Further, our “Buy 4 Get 1 Free” offer was such a success at Christmas that we’re going to keep it going. When you purchase Buzzkill, Lightheaded, Queen Bea and Sting you will get a FREE pound of your roast choice! It’s super easy and a great deal, too.

Late last year we entered into our first retail location. It’s pretty exciting to get here in less than a year. You can find all Mornin’ Buzz Coffee Co products on the shelves at The Mustard Seed CO+OP. It’s located at 460 York Blvd. in Hamilton, ON. This grocer specializes in locally produced fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy and other grocery products. Stop by if you’re nearby and help support not only Mornin’ Buzz but other local suppliers.

Please be well and safe through the coming winter months. Drive with care when you have to drive somewhere. Be kind to each other and keep spreading the buzz for us! We appreciate and thank you for your continued patronage!