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We hope you’ve all settled into your summer time groove. The boys at Mornin’ Buzz certainly have. Ed and Frank have even performed a handful of shows this summer which is a welcome return toward some sort of normalcy.  What has remained normal and consistent for Mornin’ Buzz has been your unwavering support. 

Over the past year we have maintained the highest quality in our green beans and in our roast profiles. This consistency has kept you coming back for more and has opened retail doors for us. This growth is projected to gain momentum over the next few months.

We would also like to acknowledge the amazing staff at St. Joseph’s Villa in Dundas. This LTC facility has struggled with Covid as many have and the staff has worked like heroes. Through your coffee donations via our online store you were able to keep them going through some very dark periods. For this they thank you. 

As we begin to see the other side of the pandemic, but by no means over, we know that frontline health care workers are not front of mind anymore. With this in mind we would like to have a big push on “Donate To Frontline Healthcare Workers”. You can still access this option at our store. The staff at St. Joseph’s will be very grateful.

We’d like to thank Jeff Mahoney and The Hamilton Spectator for an amazing story they printed on Thursday July 29. Here is a link to that for your enjoyment:



World Coffee News

Lately, the world’s coffee growing regions have been in the news. Whether it’s drought or heavy rains, the production of coffee has been affected. There is a critical 48 hour period which can severely affect the quality and quantity of coffee harvested. Many coffee growing nations are struggling with this and, as a result, having smaller yields. We are monitoring this situation very closely as it has already affected market prices. We have been able to maintain our pricing to date. We strive to maintain this way going forward as conditions  hopefully improve.


Please be safe and well as you continue to enjoy this summer. We’ll see you in September!