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BRR! Must Be February!

They’re here! Our Mornin’ Buzz mugs have safely arrived and our now available for sale. Please visit our online store ( to get your “printed in Canada” mug today. We’ll get it out to you quickly so that you can fill it up with your favourite Mornin’ Buzz roast! These mugs make a perfect gift, too.

Speaking of gifts, you may want to consider giving a little “buzz” to your coffee-lovin’ Valentine. Look for specials to run at our store. Discount codes will be posted on both of our social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram. If you don’t use social media you can and we’ll email you the code!

Bundle-up as it’s getting colder. With that in mind you may want to check out our Winter Warm Up Mornin’ Buzz Menu(which we ran on Facebook and Instagram in January). You can easily access four great recipes that will keep you nice and cozy by selecting “Coffee School 101” at our on line store. Here’s the link:

Finally, please stay safe! Follow the recommended protocols so that we may all one day meet in person over a steaming cup of Mornin’ Buzz Coffee!