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Back To School, Sort Of

Hey there Mornin’ Buzz family! For many of you September is “back to school” and the month when you begin putting away your summer things. Of course, this September is unprecedented in how we all navigate it because of the continuing pandemic. We’re here to help you get through it with great coffee!

 For us here at Mornin’ Buzz Coffee September represents the march towards a half year since our launch back on April 2. We couldn’t have gotten this far without your continued support and patronage. So we ask you, hat in hand, to help spread the word!! You can post messages and comments on our Instagram and Facebook pages. You can post pictures there too! Anything and everything is welcome! Further, please send us testimonials that we can use on our website and social media. You can send these to

 At Mornin’ Buzz we also encourage you to begin a subscription plan that gets our amazing coffee to your door on a regular basis! Super easy to sign up for and you’ll never miss a drop of your favourite roast! You control the amount of coffee and the frequency and we do the rest! Set it and forget it! Remember too that with each purchase you earn reward points that you can redeem towards future purchases.

 This month we’d also like to introduce the Mornin’ Buzz Gift Card. You can purchase this for as little as $10 and as much as $100. It’s makes a wonderful gift and is agreat way to introduce a friend to the Mornin’ Buzz family! Check out this card in our product section.

 We also hope that you enjoyed the first season of Coffee Hang! You can check out all 16 episodes at the Mornin’ Buzz YouTube channel. Season Two begins on Friday, Sept 25 at 7PM and we are changing things up a bit. We will bring you Coffee Hang on the last Friday of each month. We have terrific line up of new guests to talk coffee, music, life and more! Tune in and please leave a comment too.

 Thank you again and please help spread the Mornin’ Buzz word!

 Be well and be safe!