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The Perfect Moka Pot

(This is based on a 1 cup Moka Pot)

Bring filtered water to a boil and pour into Moka Pot base.

You’ll need to grind approximately 2tbsp of your favourite Mornin’ Buzz roast to a fine grind(think table salt, if you don’t have a measured mill).

Put the ground coffee into the Moka Pot basket and settle this into the base. Be careful and use oven mitts as the pot will be hot.

Screw the top portion of the pot into place.

Set a burner to medium heat and place the Moka Pot onto this with the lid open. Make sure the handle is set off the heat.

Soon you will hear the beautiful sound of coffee brewing. Continue this until the liquid becomes a golden honey colour. At this point you can remove from heat and a)wrap a cold tea towel around the base, or b)place the pot in a bowl with cold water. This will prevent over-extraction which can lead to bitterness.

Serve as an espresso or get fancy with it!