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Ladybird Animal Sanctuary - Stanley

This month for Coffee School 101 we're going to take tell you a few amazing stories about animals. As many of you know we've teamed up with Ladybird Animal Sanctuary to help raise funds this spring. When you enter the code LADYBIRD 20% of your purchase will go directly to this charity.



Stanley was found in a backyard with staples in his face and ears. It is beyond our comprehension how anyone could do something as horrific as this to an innocent animal. It is truly disturbing. 

Animal Control was called and the Animal Control officer took Stanley to the vet where the staples were removed. Thankfully, there wasn’t any permanent damage and Stanley was acting fairly normally for a critter who had been through such trauma. 

Stanley was then sent to Animal Control. We picked Stanley up from the shelter and took him to our vet for a check-up. Our vet was happy to report that Stanley seemed somewhat unscathed from his ordeal, other than the obvious hole in his ear. Stanley was prescribed an antibiotic to be on the safe side, and he was placed into a foster home, that eventually became his forever home! 

From horrible start to happy ending!