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Ladybird Animal Sanctuary - Marley

This month for Coffee School 101 we're going to take tell you a few amazing stories about animals. As many of you know we've teamed up with Ladybird Animal Sanctuary to help raise funds this spring. When you enter the code LADYBIRD 20% of your purchase will go directly to this charity.



When he came into Hamilton Animal Control as a stray, Marley’s fur was so matted that he couldn’t move his body properly. His fur was literally dreadlocked all over his body. His teeth were rotten to the point that his tongue stuck out most of the time and he drooled. Imagin how painful a toothache is. Now times that by all your teeth, and to top it off, your gums are inflamed and infected. It broke our hearts that Marley had to endure that type of misery for so long.

But we rescued him from HAC and took him straight to the vet to get him on the road to feeling better. Marley had to wait a little while before he could have his dental surgery because of his poor body condition and an infection that showed up in his blood tests. When he finally had his surgery, all of Marley’s teeth were removed  because they were in such bad shape. He recovered from his surgery really well, and his foster family helped him feel better while he healed.

Through it all, Marley was the sweetest, most snuggly purr head cat you’ve ever met. Even when he was in severe pain and discomfort, Marley was nothing but a love bug. All he wanted was to love and get love. And now he is getting all the love and more in his forever home!