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Ladybird Animal Sanctuary - A History


This month for Coffee School 101 we're going to take tell you a few amazing stories about animals. As many of you know we've teamed up with Ladybird Animal Sanctuary to help raise funds this spring. When you enter the code LADYBIRD 20% of your purchase will go directly to this charity.

Let's take a look at the early days of Ladybird and how it all began.

A Cat Named Oliver

It all started with a cat named Oliver who had been abandoned at a
local shelter. After spending a year in a cage, and some time not
being able to shake what seemed like a cold, he was diagnosed with
feline leukaemia. In some shelters, this is a death sentence, even
though FeLV cats can live long, healthy lives, despite the diagnosis.

Oliver was snuggly, affectionate, full of life and certainly not
deserving of death just because of his diagnoses. Lisa brought him
home and spent months trying to find him a suitable home, as she
already had her share of rescue animals. It was sweet Oliver who
sparked our idea for Ladybird Animal Sanctuary.