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Now that we’re well into spring let’s have a look at how we can utilize spent coffee grounds in the garden. For the next few weeks we'll look at how you can use this in and around your garden.

One of the best things to have around the yard is a compost container of sorts. Use this material in your garden throughout the year as a natural fertilizer.

Composting with coffee is a great way to make use of something that normally ends up in landfill. Composting coffee grounds helps to add nitrogen to your compost pile.

(Used filters can be composted as well)

Keep in mind that coffee grinds and filters are considered green compost material(usually a wetter material). You’ll want to add brown compost material(dry leaves, straw, wood chips) to keep everything balanced.

So, not only will Mornin’ Buzz Coffee help you get on with your day, it will help your compost pile too!